Tom Macon


Life Gleanings; Electronic Edition was written and edited by Macon Thomas Joseph (1839-1917). Its text was scanned by Claire LaForce, and encoded by Natalia Smith. The first edition was released in 1996. This edition was not intended to be arranged in a chronological manner, but as reproduction of events that the memory of J. Macon could recall. In this regard, this edition was a part of the UNC-CH digitization project documenting the Southern or America South Experience in the 19th century. Nevertheless, Tom Macon discloses more information that helps readers to get more insight of the works of Life Gleanings.

The rights to publish, edit, and distribute this edition is under the University of North Carolina located at Chapel Hill. However, persons doing research, for personal use, and those in teaching profession can use this edition freely.


The above book was launched with the sole aim of making readers to learn at a glance the real life of the author, thereafter, apply them in your solve life challenges. Thanks.