Susan Packard Biography

We can not talk about business without mentioning Susan Packard. She is an American businessperson who is vey popular in the world today because of her business related speeches. Susan is the co-founder of HGTV( An american base cable television that talks about home improvement, remodeling, crafts and gardening among others). Packard has also worked in the HBO companies and her biggest achievements must have been authoring the “New Rules of The Game” and ” 10 Strategies for Women in The Workplace”. Susan Packard is an idol to many women in the world today. Susan Packard

Packard is a lady who was born in Detroit, Michigan. In her high school days Packard was working in her dad’s direct mailing business( it is thought that this is where she developed her interest in being a businessperson). She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in advertising. She later mastered the same course and graduated in 1979. She was later enrolled at University of Virginia where she completed an Executive program. After her studies Packard got her first job at Burke Marketing Research.

In 1980 Susan Packard started her Cable career at HBO and later moved to NBC where she was part of the team that spearheaded CNBC. In the year 1994 she joined HGTV and was elected as the first chief operating officer in 1995. In the Susan’s era HGTV was able to spring up and become the fasted growing Cable networks in Tv history. The TV became available to more than 90 million homes in USA. In 2015 Susan authored her first book known as” New Rules of the Game: 10 Strategies for Women in the Workplace”. This book is intended to be an encouragement to women who want to get involved with leadership positions in the business fraternity. Susan Packard is a respectable woman who was inducted in the Cable Hall of Fame class of 2008